Upgrade / Installation Rates

PLEASE ASK for Quote, Pricing is better with Multiple Items, Customer Notified Before Quote Change!
Software Single Title Installation "Licensed Only"
(If no other underlying (Hardware / Driver) issues keep Title from Installing) CAD and Peripheral setups Extra)
Vista / Windows 7, though Windows 10, software Installation only "Licensed"
(Includes updating OS / and installing current OEM available system drivers)
Memory "Installation Only" (Parts Extra) CALL
Hard Drive "Installation Only"
System Backups / System Transfers - EXTRA
Drive Wipe / Formats - US Standard 5220-22-M CALL
Video / Game / Sound / or Other Card - "Installation Only"
(Includes System Configurations) "Hardware compatible only"
Rom Drive CD / DVD Burner "Installation Only" CALL
External Backup / Automated backup configuration, A must for Business's and Servers.CALL

We do most PC computer repairs.
Please consult with us, We work with you on your special needs and save you $.
Once we open the Computer Case we charge less for multiple Items done.
We Clean Vac every Computer Case we open unless otherwise stated (NO ADDED CHARGE)

Clean systems of malware / spyware / virus's.
Install Virus / Spyware / Firewall protection.
Transfer Data from existing Hard Drive to new Hard Drive.
Wireless Networking / Router Hookups.
Cable / DSL Broadband setups.
Driver Updates when Applicable.


We can Tune and Clean your PC Remotely - Charges are per hour.

House Calls ( By Appointment Only ) CALL - 440-258-3247

Estimates will be given before any services are performed.

Customer will be notified before any added services.